Joyful Singing Circle 喜びのシンングサークル


In October 2016, Tsubasa, who’s living in London now, and I started Joyful Singing Circle. Coincidentally, we were learning the ukulele at around the same time. 丁度その時、One Earth English Cafeのコミュニティでは、ギフトとして、何か楽しいことができないかと考えてました。「あ〜、オンラインで皆んなと歌おう〜」というアイディアが出てきたら、つばさちゃんとコラボするようになりました!ギフト経済、あるいは、贈与経済を実践してみたいので、参加は無料ですが、参加する人が、もし、どんな形でも、ギフトをしたければ、それが大歓迎してます。There is no participation fee. And participants are invited to give if they are moved to. Our purpose is to create a space for everyone to practice giving and receiving out of love and joy.





In our monthly singing circle, we sing songs of peace, harmony, nature, love and such. Here’s an example of a song we have sung.



(A song of blessing and gratitude) 先祖様への祝福と感謝

Ancestors, sky people all here today.

Hear my heart song.

Hear my respect.

Hear my love.

Hear my grateful tears fall.

I am truly blessed.

Your are truly blessed.

We are truly blessed.

Joyful Singing Circle Video Shot

These are some of our members of Joyful Singing Circle. Children who love singing are also welcome to join us! In each session, we experience a lot of fun and joy connecting with each other in English & Japanese, and singing beautiful songs together. なるべく、英語で話すことを勧めてますが、柔軟なので、日本語を使うときもあります。

We also sometimes get surprise gifts like this! Here is a rendition of 「みかんの花咲く丘」on the mandolin from a friend of mine.


Our circle is held on/around the full moon of each month. Riding on the powerful energy of the moon, together we create an energy of love, joy and peace on earth.

後、そろそろ、Rainbow Sharing Circleの新しいオンラインプロジェクトが始まります!その1つのテーマは「ハートを開いて、英語で話す!」です。How to communicate in English with an open heart! It’s going to be such an interesting and meaningful topic for those who are learning English! 詳細が決まったら、また、案内しますので、是非、このブログをフォローして下さい!

P.S. Joyful Singing Circleについての感想はこちらへ


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