Joyful Singing Circle on August 8, Lion’s Gate Opening 8月8日ライオンゲートのJSCのお誘い〜♪

On August 8, not only is it the full moon, but also the day of the Lion’s Gate Opening.

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal in Leo that is under the guardianship of the Royal Spirit Lions of Sirius. It is very necessary to keep your personal consciousness and energy signature at a high level at this time. And to take full advantage of the flow of Divine Light and Blessings in the incoming new Diamond Light Codes. Do not allow any events to pull you down into lower levels of consciousness such as anger, fear and anxiety.


What a perfect day to get together to sing with love and joy! こんなエネルギーの高い日に、愛、喜びや平和に繋がる歌を一緒に歌いませんか?

今月も参加者を募集してます!もし、よかったら、参加してみてね〜♪ Anyone is welcome to join 🙂

Joyful Singing Circleの様子


Date/Time: August 8, Tuesday 20:00 – 21:00 PM (Japan)

Meeting Venue: Zoom (Invitation Link:

当時、上のリンクをクリックして下さい。Group meetings on Zoom are free for only 40 minutes, and our session will end automatically after that. So I will send another invitation link. Please check your email again during the singing session.

How to join? 参加する方法の案内

  1. Download Zoom for free at (if you haven’t). Zoomのダウンロードは無料です。
  1. Email to confirm your participation. 「参加する!」と

       oneearthec@gmail.comへ連絡お願いします。その後は、song listを送ります。

Participation Fee/参加費: GIFT ECONOMY(贈与経済)

This is our GIFT to you and the world! We’d also like to share with you the joys of giving. So we will be happy to receive your gifts too, if you are moved to support us! こちらからのギフトなので、参加費はいりませんが、One Earth English Cafeに、または、この活動・サークルのメンバーにギフトしたいのあれば、それはとても大歓迎してます!いつでも、どんな形でもいいです。

The gift ecology is NOT an exchange of money, products, services, or gifts. We see it as an endless cycle of joyous giving and receiving. We are creating a space for everyone to practice giving and receiving from a space of love and joy.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― Francis of Assisi



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