Speaking English with an Open Heart 「ハートを開き、英語で話そう〜♡」

In yesterday’s online Rainbow Sharing Circle, we shared openly our struggles about speaking in a non-native language, and also about things that make it easier for us to open our heart to communicate, and build our confidence. 昨夜、5人のサークルで、それぞれのネィティブランゲージじゃない言葉で会話するチャレンジや助けになることを素直にシェアしました。日本語を学ぶ体験も話して、どれくらい努力をしたのを改めて、思い出しました。日本語が上手になりたいけど、中々難しいというメンタルブロックがあったにも関わらず、諦めなかった自分に感動して、感謝してます。よく頑張った自分を認めて、お祝いしたいです!英語が上手になりたい人にも、「You can do it!」と強調したいな〜

Graphic by one of our participants



Common Struggles

  • Afraid to say I don’t know/understand
  • Afraid to be seen as a child who can’t express herself well
  • Self judgements like “I’m not enough.”
  • Self expectations like “I should be good at English because I’ve been studying for years.”

Things that open our heart/support our learning

  • Having a dream
  • Being focused and determined
  • Setting incremental goals and challenging yourself 
  • Connecting to yourself (feelings and needs)  
  • Have the will to communicate & connect
  • Speaking English with non-native English speakers
  • Being with people you feel comfortable with
  • Allowing yourself to be authentic/imperfect
  • Passion to learn
  • Letting go of self judgements and fear of judgements from others
  • Making specific requests to speaker(s) to slow down, repeat or clarify
  • Seeing yourself as equal to your teacher. You are both learning and teaching each other.
  • Having the freedom to choose how/what you want to learn
  • Getting support from both native and non-native English speakers (日本にいる場合は、日本人同士で支え合う)




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