Rainbow Sharing Circle Session with Japanese NVC Trainer on “Clean Language: Exploring Metaphors” レインボーシェアリングサークルwith日本人の非暴力コミュニケーション(NVC)トレーナー: 「クリーンランゲージ:メタファ(比喩)を探求する」

Having practiced Non Violent Communication (NVC) since around 2014, I’m really excited to be hosting a RSC session with my empathy buddy, Yuko, a NVC certified trainer in Maui on Clean Language: Exploring Metaphors! 次回のレインボーシェアリングサークル(RSC)はマウイ島で活躍してるNVC公認レーナーの後藤ゆうこさんと「クリーンランゲージ:メタファー(比喩)を探求する」というセッションをやります!ゆうこさんのプロフィールはこちらです。

Your Mind is a Garden
Image from https://cdn.tinybuddha.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Your-mind-is-a-garden.png

Your metaphors help you to discover yourself and understand your life from a new perspective.

Clean Language is a technique that is used especially in psychotherapy and coaching, and more recently as a research interview technique. Clean Language helps clients to discover and develop symbols and metaphors without any content introduced by the therapist/coach/interviewer. Clean Language was developed by David Grove in the 1980s as a result of his work on clinical methods for resolving clients’ traumatic memories.[1] As James Lawley and Penny Tompkins describe it, “He realized that many clients naturally described their symptoms in metaphor, and found that when he enquired about these using their exact words, their perception of the trauma began to change.”[2]

“Learning to read the language of symbols has a positive effect on your self-image and energy. You do not have to wait for a crisis to see things symbolically and accurately. You can start wherever you are.” Caroline Myss



Date: August 18, Friday 10:00 – 11:30 (Japan Time)

Theme: Clean Language: Exploring Metaphors

Online Venue: Zoom


(Copy and paste this link after clicking “Join”.)

Language: English and Japanese

How to join? 参加する方法の案内

  1. Download Zoom for free at https://zoom.us/download (if you haven’t). Zoomのダウンロードは無料です。
  1. Email oneearthec@gmail.com by August 15, Tuesday to confirm your participation. 8月15日(火)までに「参加する!」とoneearthec@gmail.comへ連絡お願いします。


One Earth English Cafeの英会話に興味ある方は、是非、こちらを参考して下さい!



What is Rainbow Sharing Circle? (日本語は下になります。)

Rainbow Sharing Circle is a space to share our unique experiences, connect with others and support one another’s growth and healing. It is also a space for new discoveries and learning.


Pay it forward Donation

We greatly welcome donations if you’ve enjoyed and benefited from the session, and would like to support Rainbow Sharing Circle (RSC). Your free participation was a gift from us! To keep the chain of gifts alive, we invite you to pay it forward for those who join a RSC session after you.


Donations received will be used to upgrade the Zoom account etc. so we can improve our facilitation. It costs about 1600 yen a month. The rest will be donated to charity organizations in developing countries that support poor children, and alternative schools that focus on holistic education and sustainability.


For monetary donations, we will be thankful if you could transfer it to our account within a week after the session. Bank account or PayPal account (for those residing outside of Japan) details will be sent to participants who sign up for the session.


If you’d like to make a non-monetary donation, please contact me directly on what and how you’d like to offer your gift.














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